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27 June 2009 @ 11:57 pm

Its taken me a couple of days to even think of writing a blog about Michael Jackson, i'm still absolutley gutted about the dreadful news.

Yesterday I was at Trafalgar Sq's official tribute to MJ, and it was absolutley mind blowing. Loved every moment of it, we were all dancing, singing, saying our final goodbyes. It was amazing to see all us fans group up together to unite his legacy, it was mesmorizing. We even 'vandalized' the walls with messages to him, and there was a tribute section with his images and candles and flowers. As well as banners and paintings and t-shirts. We celebrated his life with pride.

He went from a child singer to a global superstar and icon. Michael Jackson was like no other. Although the media and news slated him during his later life, I would always sit there and admire him and not care about what the media say; such as the money loss, colour of his skin (which i genuinly believed was faults to his pigmintation to his skin) and the child abuse situations, to me it was all a plan to bring him down, I never believed in what others were believing.

I like many grew up to his music, and I can safely say I even had an unhealthy addiction to Moonwalker. Every time I'd come home from school and put in the VCR, every day until my brother had given it to his friend. But around 2 years ago I found Moonwalker at HMV and brought it, it was just like watching my childhood again, it was just amazing.

I cried when the confirmation of his death was on my television screen, it seems unreal, for a man like Michael Jackson to die, it was as though he was invincible, he was the last legend standing, the King of Pop, there is nobody in this world who can take that status, no matter how hard one will try, nobody can reach MJ's levels. He influenced thousands if not millions to sing and dance, he created what music is today, and when MJ died, music died.

Michael rocked all of our worlds, and I will miss him with all my heart. Its just unreal to say RIP Michael Jackson, because its Michael Jackson, he's been in my life for all of my life. He was only 50, now that is young. He had scheduled his 50 tour dates here in London, i was gutted when I couldn't get my ticket but I was going to through eBay or something like that, he was said to be excited over doing the gigs, if he had been 'too old' or whatever the press have been stating then he wouldn't have signed up to do as many gigs as he signed up for.

His legacy will live on forever, as will his music and his special dance moves. He was bigger than what Elvis was, and even The Beatles. Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson. Long Live The King Of Pop.

Michael Jackson, you are in a better place now, away from the greif and pain this world gives. Rest in peace, love you forever and always.

- Shelan xox
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28 October 2008 @ 10:48 am

Its been ages since i've posted on my journal, and it's been ages since i last touched my photoshop. I've been uber busy with college and offline drama, but i've been on checking the latest within gossip and whatever. Anyway, as far as Liverpool FC goes, how incredible are we this season? Its just been absolutley jaw dropping. I love it, not many people think this is our season, but it is. I can feel it, loads thought it was yesteryear but i didn't.. yeah yeah so we got Torres then, we just wasn't ready. But this season is ours. Sunday was sucha happy time for all us Reds, i was going crazy down the pub. Beating Chelsea's home record and to beat their "undefeated this season" regieme was just top notch. I need to start placing bets, cos well.. I knew we'd mean United, Man City, Everton and Chelsea.. i just have that hope, you see ;)

Anyway, enough of my jibba jabba, here are a few icons, mostly from Chelsea vs Liverpool, but with some others too. I've also made 5 banners, they're not so special so yeah... I think you and i will both agree that i need some new colouring? Ah well.

Samples :)

top of the table, and still undefeated :)Collapse )
08 August 2008 @ 04:27 pm

As every journal needs a resources section, i've re-created mine with new links and that, if you know i've usen things in my graphics that i haven't credited, let me know.  Resources are under the cut.

30 June 2008 @ 04:13 pm

Its that time again, where everyone gets excited, thrilled and overjoyed with the amount of football on the telly, and now its time for it to all come to an end :( But what a bloody tournament it has been, ey? I'm am so happy, so so so happy that Spain have won it, i've loved them since just before the WC i think, i don't really know, but finally a team i back with 100% loyalty wins! And they had won in so much style, how about that for a Euro 2008 tournament? 6 straight wins, they didn't conceed in their last 3 matches. They had outclassed Russia and Germany. That was a finale to remember, hell... a tournament to remember!

Not having England was the greatest thing about it, in my opinion. They'd have changed the flow and i'd be embarresed at their knockout! It always hurts to see they can't play well together. But hey, VIVA ESPAÑAAAAAA!

As always, i have come with a batch of icons, wahey! They're all related to Spain. I had made others previously for round 2 of the euros, but they went missing, boo! 

Samples (:

11 June 2008 @ 01:32 pm
Its summer, that means the premierleague is over.. but no dwelling is accepted, Euro 2008 is here!  Here, in England, its weird cos it really doesn't seem like the tournament has started, of course the reason is cos there is no England.  If we we're in it, we'd all have been hyped from about two months ago.  Ahh well, come on Spain! :)

I've made 40-something icons, colouring is terrible but hey, i'm practicing better colouring.  And after looking at them again, gosh they are dim!  Anyway, from every match so far, here we go...

Samples (:
005.png image by shelut 022.png image by shelut 038.png image by shelut 005-1.png image by shelut

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23 April 2008 @ 04:47 pm
I am absolutley gutted and devastated, as most would be.  It was full of tension, pace and domination, with a goal scored correctly for us by Dirk Kuyt.  Minutes were looming as we had the upper hand, and disaster strikes.  John Arne Riise, one of our own, mistakingly scored a own goal.  In the dying seconds.  Chelsea celebrated as if they scored, their fans celebrated as if they scored their own, it was absolutley ridicoulous.  I was fuming, and so upset.  Luck was on their side last night.  But guys, we need to stop attacking Riise or bad mouthing him, he must be so gutted, he didn't cope with the CL Final penalty miss, so imagine this.  He just shouldn't step foot outside cos people would have him, which is just scary.

The ref's were completly shit.  They handled situations okay, but for goodness sake, how could Terry still be standing?  He kicked Fernando Torres, and nothing was dealt with.  Its disgusting, Chelsea play such disgusting, boring and filthy football.  And the linesman, seriously now... that was a complete foul on Kuyt, and he was 3 or 4 yards off the foul, how could he wave play on!?

Substitutions were a mistake in my own opinion, I was expecting Hyypia for Aurelio, and Pennant for Babel.  Oh, and DrOGba pissed me off, with his constant diving and dramatic gestures.  I've said this before, and will say it again.. Chelsea FC are the biggest moaners, ever.

Chelsea and their scums think they have it in one.  Well no.  Inspirational heroes like Steven Gerrard will make sure they don't.  All i need to say is that Rafa needs to think hard and wise for the second leg, it is so scary thinking about it.  Yesterday, after the game i was in bits, i thought to myself 'thats it' but no, i regret saying that 100%.  This is Liverpool FC, we are the Kopites, and i am sure we could add in a few sparks at the Bridge.  Just don't conceed!

Isit me or does anyone else think non-Liverpool supporters jinx us?  And what the commentators say really does piss me off, they say their facts, one of which was "Liverpool haven't lost a SF in Europe since Inter Milan in the 60's" and i just thought "okay, shut up before you jinx us!"  Its so irritating.

If i am honest, i can see us do this.  But the thought of going out to Avram Grant?  Fuck off! We stopped Jose Mourinho, so we can stop Avram.

And on a lighter note, i was chuckling when the Kop sang Luis Garcia's chant as Riise came on!
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29 August 2007 @ 01:01 pm

Antonio Puerta. ♥ He was only 22.  Collapsed on Saturday during the opening game of the Spanish League.  Died yesterday in hospital.  My heart is with his family and friends.  He had such a great future ahead of him. This just makes me worried for every other football player.  I've made a tribute banner for him below, may he rest in peace. <3

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10 February 2007 @ 05:26 pm

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