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27 June 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough  

Its taken me a couple of days to even think of writing a blog about Michael Jackson, i'm still absolutley gutted about the dreadful news.

Yesterday I was at Trafalgar Sq's official tribute to MJ, and it was absolutley mind blowing. Loved every moment of it, we were all dancing, singing, saying our final goodbyes. It was amazing to see all us fans group up together to unite his legacy, it was mesmorizing. We even 'vandalized' the walls with messages to him, and there was a tribute section with his images and candles and flowers. As well as banners and paintings and t-shirts. We celebrated his life with pride.

He went from a child singer to a global superstar and icon. Michael Jackson was like no other. Although the media and news slated him during his later life, I would always sit there and admire him and not care about what the media say; such as the money loss, colour of his skin (which i genuinly believed was faults to his pigmintation to his skin) and the child abuse situations, to me it was all a plan to bring him down, I never believed in what others were believing.

I like many grew up to his music, and I can safely say I even had an unhealthy addiction to Moonwalker. Every time I'd come home from school and put in the VCR, every day until my brother had given it to his friend. But around 2 years ago I found Moonwalker at HMV and brought it, it was just like watching my childhood again, it was just amazing.

I cried when the confirmation of his death was on my television screen, it seems unreal, for a man like Michael Jackson to die, it was as though he was invincible, he was the last legend standing, the King of Pop, there is nobody in this world who can take that status, no matter how hard one will try, nobody can reach MJ's levels. He influenced thousands if not millions to sing and dance, he created what music is today, and when MJ died, music died.

Michael rocked all of our worlds, and I will miss him with all my heart. Its just unreal to say RIP Michael Jackson, because its Michael Jackson, he's been in my life for all of my life. He was only 50, now that is young. He had scheduled his 50 tour dates here in London, i was gutted when I couldn't get my ticket but I was going to through eBay or something like that, he was said to be excited over doing the gigs, if he had been 'too old' or whatever the press have been stating then he wouldn't have signed up to do as many gigs as he signed up for.

His legacy will live on forever, as will his music and his special dance moves. He was bigger than what Elvis was, and even The Beatles. Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson. Long Live The King Of Pop.

Michael Jackson, you are in a better place now, away from the greif and pain this world gives. Rest in peace, love you forever and always.

- Shelan xox
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